I’ll be launching something that has always been close to my heart – the Gachapon. For those who aren’t familiar with this Japanese term, it’s those capsule coin slot machines that dispense random tiny toys in plastic capsules. I talked a bit about them in my previous post. They’re madly popular in Japan, lining up street shops and game stations. Some even have their own dedicated shops filled to the brim with these machines!

While there are also Gachapon machines around in Singapore, I’ve seen the numbers dwindle over the years. So I hope that putting my own spin to this well-loved toy machine would revive the Gachapon culture!

It’s my dream to see a wide range of weird little toys, collectibles, handcrafted goodies and other illustrator/artist’s creations. I wish to incorporate and promote local creatives through gachapons. But to do so, I will have to first launch the idea with my very own line of products. And this Sunday will be the very first time you will see it in action!